About Us

Overly Sarcastic Productions began several years ago with Red’s first video: “Much Ado About Nothing" — a snarky summary of the famous Shakespeare play she made for a class assignment. In the years following, Red expanded into literary classics and mythological stories, developing her signature artistic style and retaining the all-important sarcasm that makes assigned reading even remotely bearable.

Around that time, Blue — Red’s good friend from high school — joined the channel by creating summaries of historical civilizations and characters in the Classical world and beyond. We built the channel throughout our years in college while earning degrees in Mathematics (Red) and Classics & Philosophy (Blue).

Now the two of us are having a blast working full-time on this channel!



Red is an artist, writer, and voice actor. She enjoys cartoons, push-ups, chocolate, cool pictures of space, and yelling about her opinions on the internet.

Red considers her half of the channel a thinly-veiled excuse to incessantly discuss her special interests without boring her friends and family to tears or homicide.

Sometimes she remembers to sleep.



Blue is a baritone-voiced writer and amateur cartographer. He enjoys playing videogames, long walks through the park, anything vaguely Mediterranean, and complaining about television shows "taking too long to watch".

Blue considers his half of the channel an expansive exercise in time traveling wish-fulfillment, and a great excuse to both learn from and laugh at the past. What's Augustus going to do, reach out from 14 AD and stab him?