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The Journey To The West

Sun Wukong AKA Monkey King and his four best friends (a monk, a pig, a sea-demon, and a dragon-horse) embark on a daring adventure across Classical China. What more do you need?

Blue’s History SUmmarized:


Join Blue for a trek along the Nile river to discuss the long and dramatic history of Ancient Egypt through the perspective of its most famous Pharaohs.

Trope Talks

There are a lot of ideas that go into storytelling, so Red is here to explain the ways in which literary Tropes from character archetypes to plot-threads can make or break a tale.

Blue’s History Summarized:


Hop across the Mediterranean Sea to Classical Greece for a ride across the Persian Wars and Golden Age of Athens to the conquests of Alexander the Great.

Shakespeare Summarized

Start at the very beginning with Red’s snarky summaries of Shakespeare’s most sensational stories.

Blue’s History summarized:


The glory of Rome knows no bounds, and neither does its capacity to march an army into the capital for the seventh time this century. From the Republic to the Empire, it’s Rome time!

Miscellaneous Myths

From Greece to Japan to Mesoamerica, the world is full of myths. In this series, Red takes a trip through world mythology to share her favorite stories.

Blue’s History Summarized:

The Abrahamic Religions

From Judaism to Christianity to Islam, the Abrahamic religions have a long, interconnected history. Join Blue for a look at why these cultures developed as they did, and how they interacted across time.

Classics SUmmarized

Some stories are just Classic, and that also means they can be hard to read. Fear not! Red is here to show you why some of Literature’s most famous stories don’t have to be so mind-numbingly dull.