“Can you make a video about _____?

We enjoy hearing suggestions for video topics, and if we had it our way we’d be able to work on all of them. But unfortunately, time moves forward and our cosmic pause-button still hasn’t arrived in the mail — so we’re sadly not able to take video suggestions, due to the sheer work-investment required to produce each video.

If you really want to see us cover a specific topic, we have options for our supporters on Patreon to commission videos.

Can I sponsor a video?

We are open to sponsorship offers that we believe will provide value to our audience. For products or services related to mythology, history, writing, or student-help, please send us an email to discuss further. We’ll respond with a quote and explain next steps. As our production schedules require us to work weeks and months in advance, we cannot create any sponsored content without substantially-advanced notice.

Please note that we are no longer accepting sponsorships for book publications.

do you accept fanmail?

Yes! We have recently set up a PO Box. Email us for the address.

Can you read my project?

Unfortunately, due to the time commitment required to read stories, scripts, and other projects, we do not provide any beta-reading services or direct writing help. For that, we refer you to our cartoonishly-huge library of Trope Talks.

We’re not looking to expand OSP beyond the two of us for a few reasons. Firstly, we’re very happy with the way things are now, and aren’t looking to branch out into other areas. And secondly, the two of us have known each other for almost ten years, and have been working together for nearly five, during which time we’ve developed a great deal of trust and teamwork. You may see some of our friends pop into videos or streams, but the core of our channel is Red and Blue.

That said, if you’re passionate about creating content, we want to see you succeed doing something you care about, your way. Shoot us an email and we’d be happy to give you some tips on starting your own channel.

Are you accepting new members?

Can we collaborate on a video?

Collaborations are really fun to see come together but they’re also quite challenging to organize. Send us an email or tweet at us if you’re interested in collaborating, but please be aware that our schedule can be rather strict.

No — some videos contain suggestions for further reading in the description, but we don't retain our citation lists. However, we encourage you to do your own research on the subject if you're curious! Learn some tips for that in our How To Research video.

Can you give all of your sources used in ____ video?

Non-Patron commissions are currently closed, but we will announce on our Twitter and Patreon when they reopen. To find other artists who are accepting commissions, see the replies of this Tweet.

We accept art commissions from two sources. Patrons pledging at the $20-per-video tier receive one chibi-style drawing of a character of their choice (literary, mythological, historical, and OC).

Additionally, you can commission a drawing from Red outside of Patreon by sending us an email with your request. Prices are $30-70 per figure, depending on the complexity of the art design and style preference (chibi/realistic).

As workloads can vary by the day, week, or month, non-Patron commissions may be temporarily closed at any time, in order to focus on other, more time-consuming projects.

Do you do art commissions?

Yes! Please feel free to use any of our videos for educational purposes. We simply require that you do not modify the videos in any way or charge for access to them.

Can I use your videos for a course?

You can reach us for business inquiries at OverlySarcasticProductions@gmail.com

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